Coach – Therapist – Merchtem – Heidi Vanderstraeten

Coach – Therapist – Merchtem – Heidi Vanderstraeten

heidi vanderstraeten coach merchtemAre you going through a mentally difficult period in your relationship, job or during a new phase of life such as midlife, retirement?

Do you suffer from a serious illness (cancer, chronic illness, etc.) that makes your daily functioning very complicated and makes it particularly difficult for you mentally?

Do you experience symptoms of stress or a feeling of “burnout” as a result of overload due to combining work and family life or sudden difficult events in life?

Are you at a crossroads in your life and do you not know which direction to go or which decision to make regarding themes such as a change of job, relationship/family, change of residence, choosing a field of study?

Do you feel lonely, insecure and misunderstood as a young person? Are you having a hard time at school and/or at home, with social media?

Then I can guide you individually as a coach and therapist by listening to your story, reflecting together on who you are, your values and standards, vision of life, personal goals, what is important to you and what obstacles you encounter in daily life. Based on this, we look for choices and possibilities that can put you on the road to positive change, personal growth and inner strength.

I can also offer social-administrative support and advice.

Professionally, I have more than 15 years of experience in psychosocial assistance and administrative support of people with cancer.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Be welcome!

Why wait longer ? Just take the first step and make contact !

Do you questions that are still unanswered (for example how a therapist or counselor can assist you to find solutions to your problems)? Simply make an appointment via our secretariat, or send an email to the secretariat of Therapist Belgium, to the attention of any of the therapists or counselors on the website.

Coach and Therapist in Merchtem | Heidi Vanderstraeten

Coach and Therapist in Merchtem | Heidi Vanderstraeten

Psychotherapy sessions

What is fascinating in many of our psychotherapy sessions, is the relatively limited time that is needed before the therapists understands your problem and has a clear picture of it. When you come to your consultation session and tell your therapist about your problem, we will first of all consider together how this problem occurs, where it comes from and the impact it has on you and your life.

A first consult

There is never a good or a bad time to take that first step and make contact with a therapist.

Whatever your problem, your worry or simply your desire to speak or to be listened to, you can call any of our therapists whenever you feel the need. It is your desire and your need that are at the heart of this process.