Art psychotherapist – Uccle – Rhode-Saint-Genèse – Alix van der Vaeren

Art psychotherapist – Uccle – Rhode-Saint-Genèse – Alix van der Vaeren

alix van der vaeren art therapeute bruxelles brabant-flamandMy name is Alix, and I specialise in art psychotherapy. I dedicate my expertise to a form of psychology that integrates the creative process as a means of self-expression and healing. My commitment materialises through the creation of a safe and nurturing environment where my clients, whether they are children, teenagers, or anyone curious, can explore, grow, and discover themselves in various ways.

Built on an intensive master’s program, my unique approach intertwines art psychotherapy with psychological theories such as child development, psychoanalysis, attachment theories, CBT, and many others. This enriching combination forms the foundation of my practice, providing a holistic perspective on the healing process.

Additionally, the personal development technique of art psychotherapy suggests using artistic creation to express repressed feelings, allowing the emergence of what words may not articulate, often hindered by the analytical thinking of the left hemisphere. The goal is to reconnect the body, mind, heart, and soul, thereby creating a holistic balance conducive to healing and personal flourishing.

Art psychotherapy proves particularly effective in helping overcome emotional disorders, difficulties in managing stress and anxiety, communication issues, regulation disorders, as well as various physical and mental disorders. As a compassionate, patient, and attentive guide, I offer to accompany each individual throughout their healing journey. My belief in the transformative impact of art psychotherapy is reflected in my commitment to providing personalised support, encouraging clients to embrace creativity as a powerful means towards mental and emotional well-being.

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What is fascinating in many of our psychotherapy sessions, is the relatively limited time that is needed before the therapists understands your problem and has a clear picture of it. When you come to your consultation session and tell your therapist about your problem, we will first of all consider together how this problem occurs, where it comes from and the impact it has on you and your life.

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