Psychotherapist Brussels – Rhode-Saint-Genèse – Juliette Raoul-Duval

Psychotherapist Brussels – Rhode-Saint-Genès – Juliette Raoul-Duval

juliette raoul duval psychotherapeute gestalt bruxellesI am a Gestalt psychotherapist. I currently work in private practice in Rhode Saint Genèse (between Uccle and Waterloo) and Brussels (Ixelles), offering psychotherapy to adults, children & adolescents. When working with children, I also see families and offer parenting support. I am a French and English speaking psychotherapist, and I have a good understanding of Serbocroatian and Dutch.
I hold a certificate in Gestalt therapy from IBG (the Belgian Institute of Gestalt therapy) and different certificates in sandtray therapy, therapy with children (with Jon Blend, Felicia Carroll after Violet Oaklander’s Gestalt approach), therapy with dreams, psychopathology…. I also hold an MBA degree from HEC Paris. I practiced management consulting before I became a psychotherapist.

Professional registration and affiliation
I am a registered member of two Gestalt professional associations: CEGT and SBG. I subscribe to the CEGT, EAP codes of ethics. I am as well a member of Alter Psy.

What is Gestalt therapy ?

The Gestalt therapy sees people as inextricable parts of their environments, both affecting and affected by these environments, emphasizing that people cannot be understood in isolation, but only as part of the environments in which they live. The focus of Gestalt Therapy is on helping the individual to develop more awareness of their behaviors and ideas. This awareness is supported by focusing on the ‘here and now’ within the therapy session.
Gestalt Therapy, theory, and practice, emphasize a number of important principles:

  • Both individual and the field of which he or she is a part, are considered to be self-regulating, adaptive, and growthful. Thus what is commonly thought of as psychopathology is seen as creative adaptive behavior appropriate to the environment in which it was developed but not to current situation.
  • The Gestalt approach embraces the whole of a person’s life experience — physical, psychological, intellectual, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual.
  • The Gestalt approach is more interested in the awareness of process (thinking, feeling and doing) or “what” and “how” a person does what he or she does than in “why” a specific action takes place. How action is created is more important than why it is created if one is interested in facilitating change. Awareness of “how” gives the person genuine choice and hence the option of change and responsibility.
  • The relationship between the Gestalt therapist and the client has enormous potential because it is a laboratory which can be observed directly. The Gestalt therapist is more interested in the verifiable experience of the client than in the interpretation by the therapist.

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Psychotherapist Rhode-Saint-Genèse | Juliette Raoul-Duval

Psychotherapist Rhode-Saint-Genèse | Juliette Raoul-Duval